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Ilford 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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LOAN OF SICK ROOM EQUIPMENT. - The considerable demand for equipment continues and the following table shows the issues from the Public Health Offices during 1961:-

Articles LoanedNumber of ArticlesArticles in store at 31.12.61
on loan at 31.12.60loaned or reloaned in 1961on loan at 31.12.61
Mattress (Dunlopillo)1412181
Mattress (Hair)112-
Invalid Chairs5971666
Air Pillows-11-
Air Rings571455648
Cushious (Dunlopillo)1218122
Back Rests792161043
Fracture Boards426-
Pillow Slips---1*
Rubber or Plastic Sheeting14124514810
Medical Sandbags111-
Bed Cradles2146395
Air Beds-1-_5
Bed Pans9021610435
Diabetic Scales314-_
Feeding Cops222311
Sputum Mug2-23
Douche Cans112-
Water Beds---1
Water Pillows---1
Bed Blocks1-11
Bedstead Sides (Pair)--11
Lilting Pole and Chain101111-
Kidney Dishes1311
Commode Sorbo Cushions-11-
Rubber Toilet Seats312-
Restraining Net11-1
Bed Trays1211
Walking Aid1671
Hydraulic Hoist122-
Sierex Air Mattress141-
1960 Details5611,147622241
1959 Details5171,279561237
1958 Details6191,083517238
1957 Details5551,062619125
1956 Detail5191,158555180
1955 Detail5381,117519161
1954 Details32097553899
1953 Details16169832054
1952 Detail8632616166
1951 Details271628630
*Provided through special funds.