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Ilford 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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continue their efforts, hoping that over the years,
there will be a gradual reorientation of custom and
Although the immunisation figures for the under
15's are quite good I gave an illustrated lecture to
youth leaders at the Town Hall and gave them information
and advice on poliomyelitis immunisation
which they conveyed to their boys and girls. Most
of the youth leaders wrote to me saying that the
majority of their youths had been immunised but the
few who had not they were able to influence.
Sex Education is fraught with danger because it
has such a high emotional content. It seems that the
best way of teaching sex education is to include it in
a general course and I was asked to participate in
such a course. This particular course included talks
to youths on the many aspects of marriage, such as
getting a mortgage, buying the right type of furniture,
investment of money and the spiritual and physical
side of marriage. I gave an illustrated talk on the
physical side of marriage to an audience of about 50.
I was helped in this by one of our health visitors.
The arrangements were that she spoke to the girls
separately and then I spoke to the boys, after which
they were grouped together and shown a film. Some
of the boys asked personal questions about intimate
matters arising from the lecture. The leaders of
this group seemed to think that the lecture was very
worth while.
Many fathers want factual information about
pregnancy and labour and a film entitled "The Birth
of a Baby" was shown at the Manford Way Clinic.
This was well attended and several of the audience
asked whether they could have some more films on
subjects such as Child Development.
Many Health Workers from abroadnOw visit this
country to learn about health education. I was asked
to write a paper to be read before an international
seminar of health workers convened by the Central
Council for Health Education. The paper was entitled
"The Demands for Health Education". I based
the lecture upon my experience in Ilford over the

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