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Ilford 1912

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Ilford]

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days in
Days. Hospital
23 cases of Diphtheria in Hospital on
1 st January, 1912 513 22.30
83 recovered cases of Diphtheria 2,689 32.39
4 fatal cases of Diphtheria 92.5 23.12
11 cases of Diphtheria in Hospital on
1st January, 1913 199 18.09
Average stay in Hospital of Diphtheria
patients 28.71
Enteric Fever.
1 recovered case of Enteric Fever 23 23
Average stay in Hospital of Enteric
Fever patients 23
4 recovered cases of Erysipelas 61 15.25
Average stay in Hospital of all patients 42.01
Average number of patients in Hospital per day 46.76
Percentage of cases notified removed to the Isolation
Hospital :—
Scarlet Fever 75-^7
Diphtheria 70.50
Enteric Fever 25
Erysipelas 7.02
One case of Diphtheria was admitted from outside the
The Hospital was built in 1898 and originally consisted
of 20 beds. In 1902 another 26 beds were added with extension
of the administrative block. A stable was also
provided at the same time for the accommodation of two