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St Giles (Camberwell) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell, St. Giles]

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LIGHTING RATE.—(C ontinued.)

To Balance of Receipt and Expenditure Account, as per Statement108586BY SUNDRY CREDITORS.
Balances remaining unpaid, 25th March, 1859, viz.,
Deduct Balance against the Rate, 25th March, 1858, (vide Balance Sheet of that date)98980
Ledger Folio.
33Vestry Clerk, &c., Proportion of Salary to 25th March, 185941134
Less Proportion of Monk's Account twice charged last year1134
212Surveyor, &c.. Proportion of Salary to 25th March, 18593363
-97131033Vestry Clerk, Proportion of Petty Disbursements to 25th March, 18591026
Balance of £7000 due from them by Order of Vestry, dated 14th Feb., 1858170000141E. Billing and Son, Proportion of Printing Account to 25th March, 185914156
29J. Edwards, Proportion of Messsengers Wages to 25th March, 1859440
167Phoenix Gas Company68126
223South Metropolitan Gas Company149974
234Crystal Palace Gas Company10100
195Mrs. Spurway, Annuity2500
197Mrs. Baxter, ditto4176
By Balance in favour of Rate (vide Ledger Folio 162)8546
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