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St Giles (Camberwell) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell, St. Giles]

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SEWERS RATE.—Continued.

To Balance of Receipt and Expenditure Account as per Statement1097157£s. d.£s.d.
Balances remaining unpaid, 25th March, 1859, viz.
To Balance in favour of Rate, 25th March, 1858, (vide Balance Sheet of that Date)118266
Ledger Folio.
Proportion of Monk's Account twice charged last year113429J. Edwards, Proportion of Messengers Wages to 25th March, 1859440
TO OVERSEERS.33Vestry Clerk, &c., Proportion of Salary to 25th March, 185941134
Ledger Folio.33Vestry Clerk, &c., Proportion of Petty Disbursements to 25th March, 18591026
207Balance of £3000 due from them by order of Vestry, dated 14th February, 185840000
141E. Billing and Son, Proportion of Printing, &c. to 25th March, 185914156
Amount of Stock included in Balance Sheet1000212Surveyor, &c., Proportion of Salary to 25th March, 18593368
Present Amount of Stock14150212Medical Officer, Proportion of Salary to 25th March, 18592500
199Increase of Stock of Materials on hand4150242Morris and Blackmore, Contractors89000
242Barristers' Fees, estimated at3000
217W. Kent, Contractor2171011
Balance in favour of Rate (vide Ledger Folio 152)1419176
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