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St Giles (Camberwell) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell, St. Giles]

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Dr. An Account of Receipts and Expenditure for the Year ending 25th March, 1859. Cr
Received from them on Account of Order of Vestry for £6500, dated 14th Feb., 1858560000Paid Labourers Wages to 25th March, 1853123971
Contributions received from the Camberwell Green Committee, part of £676 5 9 (for Balance, vide Statement of Assets,)40000BY GENERAL EXPENSES, viz.:
G. Roots, Gravel242133
Interest thereon1155W Wood, ditto64386
41155Thompson, ditto1100
TO OLD HIGHWAY RATE.C. Ross, ditto60150
E. Sills, Road Material140110
Balance received from Collector3123Mowlem & Co. ditto16390
C. Dennison, Stone9263
TO SUNDRY PERSONS.Board of Guardians, ditto751010
Contributions Received for work done for Kirbing, Paving, &c., viz.:L. Dalton, ditto36473
Manuelle ditto8400
J. Livesay29186G. Smeed ditto3219
Adoption of Nelson Street6000William Kent ditto6183
Lambeth Water Works14184T. E. Webb, Flints6994
Albert Terrace400R. Smith, Dust Contractor, &c127162
Church Street Improvements12200C. Constable, Cartage, &c86140
South Metropolitan Gas Company25149W. Jones, ditto27703
Surveyor's Sundries830W, Ridley, ditto12110
J. Burnham280J. Miles, Repairs of Carts3586
Sundry Accounts20176H. Mayo, Watering Roads9159
28801E. Reddin, ditto1000
W. Jones, ditto28650
C. Constable, ditto175180
J. Ness, ditto11800
Lambeth Water Works, Water129150
Southwark and Vauxhall Works ditto18000
Shand and Mason, Repairing Pumps6439
C. H. Acock, Bricklayer, &c6855
G. Bartlett, Carpenter67158
J. Miles, Repairing Barrows, &c16120
J. Archer, Wharfage1600
J. Marchant, Blacksmith41166
E. Evans, Care of Tools1100
Carried forward ........................£6302179Carried forward371183123971
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