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St Giles (Camberwell) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell, St. Giles]

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GreenenveI1 The completion of the enclosing and planting this Green,
and the free and frequent use now made of it by the public,
need I think only but to be referred to, to prove how well
justified was the Yestry in its determination to secure this
open space for the recreation of the inhabitants of this
Repairs of The necessary repairs and cleansing of the Roads and
Thoroughfares under the charge of the Vestry (upwards of
32 miles in extent) have been carried on in the same manner
as reported last year, and I believe I can with confidence
refer to their general condition, that they will bear a satisfactory
comparison with the Roads of adjoining parishes.
As opportunity has occurred, and the means at my disposal
could command, I have without increasing the expense
usually appropriated to such purposes continued to carry
out such improvements in their formation and drainage
which ultimately tend to lessen the wear of the material
and also the labour and expense of cleansing and carting
away the slop.
Gas and But there is one great impediment with which the
water Trenches. veyor of Roads has to contend, and which seriously prevents
a perfect condition of the Highways under his charge, 1

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