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St Giles (Camberwell) 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell, St. Giles]

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cleansing. The Kent Road Sewer from St. Thomas-a-Watering Bridge
Kent Road to the Canal, has been cleared out as far as was necessary
to relieve the house and gully drains connected with it
from choking up by the amount of heavy deposit within this
sewer, and although its level lies so much below its present
outlet, it will now I believe sufficiently drain its immediate
locality without the necessity of incurring farther expense,
until the Main Low Level Sewer which most probably will
be constructed near to it, shall release it altogether from
its present water-logged condition.
open Earl In concluding this portion of my Report, may I beg
Sewer, rear
of Albany again to draw your attention to the open Earl Sewer running
at the rear of the Albany Road; the frequent complaints
made on this subject renders it, I venture to submit, an imperative
duty on this Vestry again to urge on the Metropolitan
Board of "Works the necessity of at once arching it
over; the adjoining parish of Newington, which in addition
to the house property situate on its banks, has another and
more powerful argument to impress on the Central Board,
viz.—that its poor located within the "Workhouse, which is
situate but a short distance from this sewer, are constantly
breathing its impure exhalations. A union of the two
Vestries with such unanswerable evidence to urge in
furtherance of this work, supported by a joint deputation
of tbe representatives of the two parishes would, I think,
cause the Board to respond favorably to the appeal.
House The following will shew the number of applications for
Drainage. House Drainage which have been received, and as far as

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