London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Giles (Camberwell) 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell, St. Giles]

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From 25th March, 1857, to 25th March, 1858,

To Sundry Creditors—Balances of Accounts remaining unpaid,* 25th March, 1858, viz.,£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.
By cash at Banders28296
C. Constable49140By Qverseers— Balance due Dy ttiem on Account of Order of Vestry, made 11th February, 1857, viz., General Purposes Rate140000
W. Jones123173
R. Smith410
Clerk12500127611Sewers Rate40000
Overpaid on Private Draining2611Lighting Rate130000
C.H. Acock1084By Amounts due to Vestry, viz., Board of Guardians (Rent)5500
Board of Guardians122 22405
W Wood196Southwark and Vauxhall Water Works27175
G. Bartlett25107Lambeth Water Works19124
W Cobham491Kent Water Works296
S. Bellamy21102104193
Shamd and Meson13710By General Purposes Rate—Balance against the Rate (as per Statement)3921411
J. Archer1100
T. Holcomb6n6By Lighting Rate—Balance against the Rate (as per Statement)98980
L. Dalton58 62163
Phœnix Gas Company95By Stock Account—Materials and Implements on hand, 25th March, 1858 (as per Surveyor's Valuation)397146
Mrs. Spurway (Annuity)2500
Mrs. Baxter4.176
Survey, or (Salary)10000111110
„ Petty Disbursements11110
Medical Officer5000
G. Roots.20256
J. Marchant1881
South Metropolitan Gas Company229240
Mowlem and Co38100
C. Ross6140
J. Fryer206
— 3864198
To Amount received for adoption of Cemetery Road not yet placed to credit of the Rate, the work not being executed22000
To Sewers' Rate—Balance in favour of Rate (as per Statement)118266
• These unpaid amounts are included in the foregoing accounts of the yearly EXPENDITURE.