London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Giles (Camberwell) 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell, St. Giles]

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Dr.From 25th March, 1857, to 25th March, 1858. Cr.

TO LABOUR ACCOUNT.£.S.d.£s.d.By Balance in favour of Rate, 25th March,£s.d.£s.d.
By Overseers—Amount to be received from them by order of Vestry, dated 11th February, 1857240000
Houghton and Ley, Contract for Sewers191166By Private Drains—Amount received from264171
Kent Contract for Sewers318103
Wood and Sons, Special Contract4341311By Contributions from sundry Persons towards making Sewers, &c., viz.,
C. H. Acock, Bricklayer57480
J. Burton and Sons, Ironwork5100South Metropolitan Gas Company31156
G. Burley, Blacksmith0U10J. M.'Leod.1000
G. Bartlett, Carpenter2109Grand Surrey Canal Company5000
G. Rikley Cartage600White, for Drainage Works, done in default by5173
Marshall, Drain Pipes510O
J. Dalton, Paving2458Surveyor's Fine, Police Court0821431011
J. Marchant, Smith0101
Southwark and Vauxhall Water Works4100
One-third Proportion of Vestry Clerk and166134
„ Surveyor and Clerk13368
One-half Proportion of Medical Officer's Salary10000
„ Inspectors of Nuisances780047800
One-third Proportion of Wages and Miscellaneous Expenses (vide General Rate)..........2871111
Balance in favour of Rate carried to Balance1182c6