London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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The Works and General Purposes Committee.24 Members.

Mr. A. BoonMr. C. LacebyMr. H. Chandler
„ A. Bridge„ W. Marchbank„ w. J. Fawcett
,, C. M. Clench„ S. J. Mayzes„ G. Hunt
„ W. Davies,, W. Muncy„ N. Purdy
,, w. Daws„ C. W. Munslow„ R. R. A. Vatcher
„ H. Gitsham„ T. O. Shutter„ H. Walkley
„ W. F. Grey,, H. Turnor
,, W. Hammond„ G. Ugle
„ W. Ingram„ W. Wilkins

The seats vacated by Messrs. A. Boon and W. Muncy
were filled by the appointment of Messrs. J. W. Norton and
W. Brown, on the 12th and 26th February.

The Street Cleansing Dusting and Depôt Committee.24 Members.

Mr. T. BinghamMr. W. IngramMr. G. J. Brown
,, A. Bridge„ W. Jones„ J. B. Eayrs
,, C. M. Clench,, W. Marchbank,, Joseph Evans
„ W. Daws,, S. J. Mayzes„ M. J. Gill
„ W. F. Grey,, W. Muncy,, E. R. Mansell
„ J.T. Gurling„ J. W. Norton,, H. C. Symons
„ W. Hammond,, T. Pankhurst,, R. R. A. Vatcher
„ G. Hunt„ G. Ugle„ T. J. Wade

The seats vacated by Messrs. G. J. Brown and W. Muncy
were filled by the appointment of Messrs. Hastings J. Reeve
and G. Smith, on the nth December and 12th February.

The Sanitary Committee.24 Members.

Mr. H. BarnesDr. L. S. McManusMr. G. J. Brown
,, E. BengeMr. J. E. Moring,, W. Ellis
„ R. P. Brown„ T. Pankhurst„ M.J.Gill
„ W. J. Fawcett„ T. C. PhillipsDr. M. Mackintosh
,, W. H. George„ H. WalkleyMr. J. A. Randall
Dr. A. P. Hills,, J. Western,, Hastings J. Reeve
Mr. G. Howard„ T. Y. Wright,, F. Rummins
Dr. J. J. Joseph„ H. Turnor
,, J. Williams