London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Ward No. III.

Name in full of Candidates nominated.Residence or Place occupiedNominated byNo.of Votes
On show of handsOn Poll
As Vestrymen.
Ashfield, Frederick Toovey82, Bridge Road WestJ. Millard51216
Benge, Edward183, York Road36154
Daws, William47, Honeyweil Road61265
Dean. John Hollands54, Church Road64178
Eayrs, James Burrows266, Battersea Park Road65193
Hicks, Thomas37, High Street61253
Jones, Walter Thomas6, Surrey Lane South38119
Moore, James141, York Road27154
Norman, George83, Church Road78281
Olding, John177, York Road28123
Pankhurst, Thomas74, Plough Road33170
Randall, James Alfred85, Falcon Road54167
Squires, George27, Newcomen Road48173
Street, George Nathaniel34, Surrey LaneT. Pace853
Gerrard, WilliamLombard Road32151
Payne, Charles Durrant151, Church Road33139
Thatcher, William93, Bridge Road West1686
Wormsley, Senior James74, Bridge Road45137
Bloor, Richard74, Falcon RoadT. Gregory33176
Goodman, John45, Plough RoadJ. Solomon25175
Patrick. Edward John96, Bridge Road WestJ. North17106
Francis, Francis8, Cabul RoadJ. T. Rees4233
Rees, Robert11, Meath Street61117
Halliday, George42, Warriner Gardens320
Blake, Henry99, Latchmere GroveMr. Gaiger52*
Tucker, Francis90, Falcon Road,, Solomon2182
Bright, John Brailsford17, Lavender Sweep„ Rogers6461
Rogers, Joseph128, Wickersley Road„ Hunt52*
Stedman, Frederick Joseph174, Bridge Road„ Winchester24133
As Auditor.
Rees, John Thomas3, Kamballa Road
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