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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Date.Name of ContractorsAddress.Nature of Contract.For what Period.Amount of Contract.
1890. 7th Jan.Mr. A. F. Hall96 and 98. Winstanley Road, BatterseaProvenderThree monthsAt Schedule Prices
9th Jan.Mr. J. W. Hughes284, Battersea Park RoadSoap, Oils, &c.
10th Jan.Mr. J. F. JohnstonChrisp Street, PoplarRemoval of Fish WasteSix months from 20th January, 1890 Period ending 25th March, 18915 p.c. below Schedule for Minutes and Agendas, and 2½ p.c. below the Schedule for other work
18th Jan.Mr. J. HitchcockSunny Hill Road, Streat-hamPrinting
24th Jan.Mr. A. KingSpeke Road, BatterseaShoeing HorsesPeriod ending 25th March, 18914s. iod. per horse per month
17th Feb.Mr. S. Baker138, Church Road, BatterseaDouble Set of Harness...£11 17s. 6d.
6th MarchMr. C. Donaldson Mr. C. Whitall177, Battersea Park Road 179, Church Road, Battersea4 dozen Nosebags Two Iron Barrows...42s. per dozen £8
12thMarchMr. J. Runnalls A. and F. Manuelle Mr. J. BowlesPenzance, Cornwall 101, Leadenhall Street, City Mendip Wharf, BatterseaSupply of Cornish Stone Supply of Guernsey Granite Horse HireOne year from 25th March, 189oAt Schedule Prices
Examined and found correct, this 1st day of May, 1890,
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