London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Date.Name ok ContractorsAddress.Nature of Contract.For what Pekiod.Amount of Contract.
1839. 13th AprilMr. A. Woodman195, York Road, BatterseaSoap, Oils, &c.Three monthsAt Schedule Prices
14th AprilMr. J. F. Green16, Plough Road, BatterseaMoulds for making Paving Blocks£48 15s. od.
16th AprilMr. J. Marchant D. Radford & Co.79, York Road, Battersea 58, Leadenhall Street, E.C.Neat's Foot Oil CoalsThree monthsAt 4s. 6d. per gallon At Schedule Prices
23rd AprilMr. J. Chorley69, High Street, BatterseaPurchase and Removal of ManureOne year1½d. per horse per week
25th AprilMr. J. Chorley H. Young & Co. Croft Granite Brick and Concrete Co.Hayle Foundry Wharf, Nine Elms, S.W. Croft, LeicesterProvender Repairs and Maintenance of Standposts Croft StoneThree months One yearAt Schedule Prices £55 At Schedule Prices
8th MayMr. C. R. Briggs216, Upper Thames Street. E.C.Enderby Granite Cubes
15th MayJ. Bryan & Co.Nine Elms Wharf, S.W.Coals and CokeThree months
22nd MayTurner & SonStanley Bridge Wharf, Kings Rd.,Chelsea,S.W.York Paving, Granite Kerb, Channelling, &c.One year5 p. c. above Schedule Prices
27th MayW. and T. Avery14, 15 and 16, Cow Cross Street, E.C.Weighbridge for Depot, Bridge Road West...£84
29th MaySouthwark & Vauxhall Water Co.Southwark Bridge RoadWater for Urinal, Battersea Park Road...18s. 9d. per quarter minimum rent, 4s. per quarter for meter
29th JuneMr. J. W. Hughes J. Bryan & Co.284, Battersea Park Road Nine Elms Wharf, S.W.Soap, Oils, &c. Coals and CokeThree monthsAt Schedule Prices
1st JulyMr. J. Marchant79, York Road, BatterseaNeat's Foot Oil
5th JulySouthwark & Vauxhall Water Co. Mr. A. F. HallSouthwark Bridge Road 93 and 98, Winstanley Road, BatterseaWater Supply to Christ-Church Garden ProvenderThree months18s. 9d. per quarter minimum rent, 5s. per quarter for meter At Schedule Prices