London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Ward No. II.

Name in full of Candidates nominated.Residence or Place occupiedNominated byNo.of Votes
On show of handsOn Poll
As Vestrymen.
Hudson, William31, Grayshott RoadW. H. Godfrey111177
Daniel, Rev. William142, Leathwaite RoadC. E. Gay153262
Ugle, George2, Eland RoadJohn Merry36I77
Squires, Samuel87, Culvert RoadW. F. Grey32134
Mackintosh, Dr. Malcolm126, Lavender HillMr. Vooght196
Evans, Joseph367, Battersea Park RoadW. Evans27129
Bell, John Charles4, Albert RoadW. Sangwin59147
Ellis, William98, Lavender HillC. E. Gay146193
Bouch, William13, Candahar RoadDr. A. Phillips Hills7592
Gay, Charles Edward37, Kersley StreetW. Sangwin44163
Laceby, Coulson567, Battersea Park RoadE. Gray88162
Medhurst, James457, Battersea Park RoadMr. Champion582
Evans, Francis Coleman25, Bridge Road WestC. Laceby2697
Spencer, Charles26, Lavender HillC. E. Gay1486
Street, George Nathaniel34, Surrey LaneC. Laceby2084
Jones, Thomas100, Lavender HillG. Ugle143167
Williams, Isaac Benjamin3, Meath StreetG. Halliday120160
Williams, John1, Meath Street133168
Young, William214, Bridge RoadDr. A. Phillips Hills347
Stewart, William1, Rosenau Road SouthThomas Pugh180175
Wilkins, Thomas40, Doddington GroveMr. Smith1177
Rees, Robert11, Meath StreetG. Halliday126147
As Auditor.
Harwood, Joseph4, Brynmaer RoadJ. Kirby