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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Seven infants were suffocated whilst in bed with their
parents, the dates and days being—
16th January, Wednesday.
25th February, Monday.
17th March, Sunday.
10th August, Saturday.
2nd November, Saturday.
24th November, Sunday.
1st December, Sunday.
In addition to the above 14 cases of sudden death were
submitted to the Coroner who did not deem any enquiry
Natural The births returned as registered in the district
being 2,750, and the deaths as 1,272, the difference
would be 1,478, and constitutes the natural increase during the
year, which is 132 in excess of the previous.
Cases of The number of persons applying and receiving
and Parochial Medical relief have again exceeded those
amongst' of the previous year; indeed, ever since the estabUnion
poor lishment of the Dispensary in Latchmere Road the
cases have regularly year by year increased—in fact
have doubled—so that in the past year they have reached the
large total of 1,039, which five years ago was but 514. What
the cause of this accelerated numbers may be, it is impossible to
say, but it certainly does not speak well for any improved condition
of the poorer classes, though I am bound to say that
many of the poorer classes of Chelsea have migrated into this
Parish since the demolition of houses on the estate near Chelsea
Barracks, and that many of them apply to the Relieving Officer
and so increase the numbers.
Looking at the cases of Disease, it is pleasing to remark
that, in those relating to the Zymotic or Epidemic Class, there
has been a decrease, and that the increase has been solely in
general complaints.
Of the 1,039 treated, 29 died, giving a death rate of 2.8 per