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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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be very obvious. For example, the tubercular diseases, more
especially ordinary consumption, are now considered by most
competent authorities to be highly infectious, and therefore
amenable to those measures which control the diseases of that
Uncertified Sixty-eight deaths occurred during 1889 in East
Deaths. Battersea, where no medical certificate was obtainable.
Sixty-four of these were submitted to the Coroner, Mr. A. Braxton
Hicks, who held inquests in 59 cases, and decided that in five
the cause of deaths was obvious, and directed registration.
Three of these latter were under one day old, and resulted from
premature birth or defective vitality; one died from convulsions,
aged five months, and the other was an aged person of
72 years, who died of "syncope from senile decay."
There were four deaths which do not appear to have been
submitted to the Coroner, in the first three it is stated that an
unregistered practitioner was in attendance, and in the last case
a certificated midwife. The particulars of these cases is as
Male 2 years. Measles 21 days, Bronchitis 7 days, Convulsions.
Female 37 years. Bronchitis 14 days, Exhaustion 12
Male 7 years. Tubes Mesenterica 4 months, Exhaustion
24 hours.
Female 2 hours. Probably inviability. (" Doctor did
not attend until after death.")
VaccinaThe numbers of successful cases of primary
tion. vaccination and re-vaccination respectively in the
register kept by the Public Vaccinator during the year 1889 are
as follows:—
Primary Vaccinations 1,146
Re-vaccinations 13
Total 1,159

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