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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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These numbers will give, upon the estimated mean population,
a death-rate of 14.96 per thousand for the year under report.
This is the highest death-rate which any mode of calculation
can assign to the parish, and is 2.44 below the Metropolitan
mortality of 17.4 per thousand.
Particulars of the causes of death of all persons dying in
public institutions in the parish are given in Table B, and
when these are added to those contained in the Statistics of
Mortality for East and West Battersea respectively (which
latter only include the ordinary residents), the total number of
deaths will be found to be 2,240, as shewn in the Table A of
Mortality Statistics.
Births. The total number of births registered in the whole
parish, during 1889, was 5,161, exceeding the numbers of the
previous year by one hundred. The birth-rate was 33.38 per
thousand for the year ; that for the Metropolis, by the Annual
Summary of the Registrar General, being 30.3 per thousand,
the rate becoming in both instances lower year by year.
Natural The excess of births over deaths, during the year, was
2,921, which is termed the natural increase. As an
estimated increase of 5,896 is, in accordance with the law for
estimating populations, assumed for the year, the remaining
2,975, so added, would be made up by immigration into the
parish from elsewhere. At the usual estimate of seven persons
to a house, four hundred and forty-four new houses would be
required to house these latter. But it is probable that many of
the existing houses are, without illegal over-crowding, more
densely inhabited than heretofore.
Infectious The total number of deaths from diseases of this class,
during the year, was three hundred and sixty-six, being,
in proportion to the population, the lowest recorded zymotic
mortality, and equal to 2.36 per thousand.

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