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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Upon an estimated population of 154,595, as calculated in
accordance with the method formulated by the Registrar General,
a mortality of 14.48 per thousand will be deduced. It is obvious
that, immediately before the census year, estimated populations
are frequently very wide of the correct numbers. What is
believed to be the real state of the population of Battersea is,
that owing to the tendency to gravitate towards the
Southern and Western districts of the parish, the population for
East Battersea is over estimated; that for West Battersea
equally under estimated; and that in the whole parish not very
far from the estimated numbers exist. The next annual report
will not be presented until the census of 1891 has been taken,
and the actual numbers of the people are known, when the
calculations therein contained will be based upon absolutely
accurate data. Our present estimates of population may,
however, be provisionally accepted as the most correct obtainable.
It has been stated by some, that vast numbers of the people
of Battersea die, outside the parish, in the hospitals and other
public institutions of the Metropolis. In the report for 1888, it
was shewn that the persons so dying were almost exactly
balanced by the number of non-parishioners who die in the
Workhouse Infirmary and other institutions situated within the
precincts of the parish. The number of Battersea parishioners
dying, both within and without the parish, during 1889 are here
In East Battersea 883
In West Battersea 1,088
In the Union Infirmary 112
In the various General Hospitals 193
In the Metropolitan Asylums Board Hospitals 16
In the County and other Lunatic Asylums 17
In the River Thames and elsewhere 4

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