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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Total cost of 208 days work, £204 3s. 4d., equal to 198. 8d.
per day.
Number of days rolling Parish Roads 112
„ „ „ New Roads 35
„ ,, Crushing Clinkeis 61
Amount received during the year for Rolling New
Roads, £"70.

Mason's Paviors' Work

During the past year a sum of £1,915 1s. 4d. has Paviors' been expended in paving and channelling many of the roads and footpaths in the Parish by men employed by the Vestry, without the intervention of contractors, the following being the particulars of the works executed

New Silica paving, North-cote Road269184
Paving Buss Table ditto721110
Alterations of pitching Falcon Road by Moss-bury Road6150
Alteration of pitching St. John's Hill by Severus Road600
New York paving St. John's Hill Railway Bridge by Strath Terrace1311711
New York paving and pitching St. John's Hill by S. W. Bank34177
New York paving Wrorks, Albert Road, Prince of Wales' Road to Pet worth Street28924
Carried forward£81130
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