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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Stables Establishment.

The following are the particulars of the cost of maintenance of the Stables

Establishment from the 25th March, 1889, to the 25th March, 1890, shewing

the keep of horses, including labour and expenses of every description:—

Paid for Provender842178
,, Veterinary Fees for examination of & attendance upon Horses33110
,, Shoeing75911
,, Repairs to Harness, &c.34107
,, Gas18168
„ Fire Insurance—
,, Sundries (Soap, Oil, Brushes, &c.)2031
,, RepairstoStables4641
,, Rentofditto(half rent of Stone Yard)19100
,, Half rates3024
,, Wages — Horse Keeper & Stable Help153179
,, Wages—Drivers1,49612
,, Water supply12190
,, Chaff Cutting (steam power & repairs)16163
„ Wages31147
Add for interest on outlay on first cost of Stables at Yard, Bridge Road West1,04874£2,839128
,, Ditto for new Harness Room at ditto6400
,, Ditto for Stables at Yard,BatterseaPark Road40215
£51489at5% 75145
Carried forward£2,91571