London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Mary (Battersea) 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea]

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Brought forward£2,55286
Collection. Paid for Provender668144
„ Veterinary Fees for examination of and attendance upon Horses26125
,, Shoeing67511
,, Repairs to Harness, &c.2798
,, Gas (½ charge)6154
,, Fire Insurance (½ charge)250
,, Repairs to Dust Vans,
Carts, and Ladders168910
,, Sundries — Oils, &c.15199
,, Repairs to Stables29176
,, Half Rates and Taxes71102
,, Wages Horsekeeper4000
,, ,, Inspectors15169
,, ,, Drivers995161
,, ,, Collectors73804
,, Water Supply (½ charge)7170
,, Chaff cutting (steam
power) and repairs1369
,, Chaff cutting—Wages2535
,, Removal of 1,544 loads
of Fine Ash96100
,, Shoot for removal of
1,867 loads of Dust20926
Cost of Collection3.36229
Add for interest on outlay on First Cost of Horses and Harness in Stock (£1,213 2s. 6d.) at 5 p.c.60131
Depreciation on First Cost of Harness (19 sets) (£130 12S. 6d.) at jo p.c.1313
Ditto new ditto purchased during the year (£9 10s.) at 10 per cent.0191
Mr. Boswell's valuation of 19 Horses in Stock on 25th March, 188958200
Mr. Boswell's valuation of 19 horses in stock on 25th March, 189069000
Carried forwad£5,98948