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East Ham 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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DiseaseIncubation Period in daysEarly SymptomsInterval between onset & appearance of rashPeriod of Exclusion of CaseProcedure for Dealing with Contacts.
Diphtheria2-7 (Average 3-4)Sore throat discharge from nose or other symptoms according to location of diseaseUntil certified free from infection by School Medical Officer or by Medical Super intendent of Isolation Hospital.Contacts to be excluded pending consultation with School Medical Officer
Scarlet Fever2-5Headache, sickness, sore inflamed throat.1-2Minimum of 14 days from onset. Longer if child has persistently Inflamed throat,running nose or discharging ear.Contacts should be examined by the Health Visitor and any with inflamed throats should be excluded pending laboratory Investigation. Other contacts should NOT be excluded unless and until any symptoms develop.
Measles7-14 (Average 10)Bloodshot eyes, running nose, sneezing and cough3-4Minimum of 14 days from appearance of rashContacts should be kept under close observation by the teacher, and the School Medical Officer or Health Visitor consulted in any case of doubt. Children developing suspicious symptoms should be sent home to bed and the parents advised to call In the family doctor.
Whooping Cough7-21 (Average 10)Irritative cough-28 days from onset of paroxysmal cough
Chicken Pox10-21 (Average 15)Rash is usually first symptom0-1Minimum of 7 days from appearance of rash. Longer if severe scabbing still present.
German Measles10-21 (Average 13)Running nose, slightly bloodshot eyes, swollen neck glands1-2Minimum of 7 days from appearance of rash
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