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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Routine and Special Inspections at School:
Maintained Secondary Schools1,4042,6141,9322,3311,385
Maintained Primary Schools4,0343,6004,9416,2725,811
Re-inspections at School2,8343,2092,6753,1422,436
Inspections and Re-Inspections at Clinics11,571.11,14110,7489,68610,369
General, cleanliness visits to schools25628128428?269
Examinations for cleanliness30,07748,51438,56142,04037,569
Nurses' visits to homes1,4041,2123,6918,0124,496
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Audiometrlc tests were carried out during the year on children In
the final primary-school year, and those failing to reach the required
standard of hearing are being referred to the E.N.T. clinic for investigation.
Owing to the large number of cases attending this clinic there is considerable
delay in the treatment of these children, but it is hoped that
arrangements will shortly be made for an additional weekly session.
Runber of children tested - 1,203.
Number referred for further investigation - 208.
No special schools for the treatment of handicapped pupils are
maintained by the Authority. Arrangements are made by the Chief Education
Officer with schools outside the area for the admission of children as
Under the provisions of Section 34 of the Education Act, 1944,
3.17 special examinations have been carried out by approved medical off leers,
as a result of which, 129 children, ascertained to be within the various
categories, were recommended for special educational treatment as Indicated
In the following table

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