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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Milk. (Special Designation) (Raw Milk) Regulations -
Tuberculin Tested
Dealer's Licence 21
Supplementary Licence 10
Milk samples submitted for bacteriological examination are
summarised as follows :-
Pasteurised 67 5
Sterilised 9
T.T„ Pasteurised 7
Heat Treated 1
84 J5
The five unsatisfactory samples failed to satisfy the methylene
blue test. Investigations in respect of these samples did not provide
any satisfactory explanation.
It Is a fact and apparent from the foregoing figures, that the
bulk of the milk sold and consumed in the Borough Is subjected to a
prescribed form of heat treatment and complies with the requirements of
the Milk (Special Designation) (Pasteurised and Sterilised Milk)
Regulations 1949.
(b) Meat and Other Foods.
(1) Meat Inspection. Routine inspections of butchers' shops in the
Borough were maintained throughout the year and particular
attention given to manufactory premises. Improvements were
observed and effected in shops and factories.
Some 1,895 lbs of meat were surrendered by local
butchers as unfit for human consumption*
Observations and inspections were also of the
transport and methods of delivery of meat in the Borough. The
improvement effected towards the end of last year was well maintained,
Unfortunately the ideal porter and delivery van have
yet t.o materialise.
(2) Food Premises. Inspections of food premises included 21 visits
to dairies, 86 to bakehouses and ls487 to other food shops. Food
hygiene standards tend to improve, if somewhat slowly, but the
failure of foodhandlers to take full advantage of the washing
facilities provided is to be regretted. In this connection, the
Council continued to provide free washing facilities at the public
conveniences for outdoor foodhandlers. Employers were asked to
encourage their staffs to use these facilities, but there is no
indication that such an appeal had any effect.
In April the confirmation of the Minister of Food was
received in respect of byelaws for the Handling, Wrapping and
Delivery of Food and Sale of Food in the Open Air. These byelaws
give an essential Impetus to the provisions of Section 13
of the Food and Drugs Act 1938, and have already been found
extremely useful in the prevention of food contamination and the
furtherance of food hygiene.