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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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During the year 1950, the part-time occupational therapist employed
by the Council carried out the following sessions:-
(a) At the Chest Clinic 97
(b) At the homes of patients 49
No. of attendances at Clinic sessions 1,100
„ „ „ „ patients' homes 37S

Comparable statistics for the periods stated are set out below:-

+5/7/48 to 31/12/4819491950
Total number of callss:-
(a) ambulances4,0346,5598,069
(b) cars1,7764,8454,600
Total number of patients carried:-
(a) ambulances3,41710,20016,813
(b) cars1,57012,29212,468
No. of accident or emergency calls included in total calls:-
(a) ambulances541801849
(b) cars3511778
Total mileage:-
(a) ambulances36,67161,90086,724
(b) cars18,32763,06668,050
(c) total54,998124,966154,774
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/ A few of these patients were admitted to Regional Hospital Board
Homes at no cost to the Council.

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