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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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There has been a sharp decline in the number of children
immunised against diphtheria.
This is most regrettable, especially in view of the fact that the
injections can now be carried our with equal facility by general practitioners
in their surgeries, as well as in the established clinics of the
Council, The burgesses are warned that an outbreak of virulent death
dealing diphtheria in an unprotected community can still be a very dreadful
possibility, and every parent should guard against this disaster by
having the children protected by immunisation before the first birthday.
With whooping cough too, the suffering experienced in the
paroxysms and the baneful after effects to the child's lungs are, widely
known, and although full protection cannot be guaranteed, yet a large
measure of protection can be achieved by immunisation, which may be
carried out alone or in combination with diphtheria immunisation.

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Provided byNo, of home nurses employed at 31/12/50Equivalent of whole-time service provided ty part-time home nursesNo. of cises attended by home nurses during the yearNo, of visits paid by home nurses during the year
Whole-time on home nursingPart-time on home nursing
Local Health Authority-----
Voluntary Organisations by agreement with the Authorlty1152i2,02650,774
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Note:- The 165 children shewn at the foot of the Whooping Cough table
of statistics are included in the above figures.
he comparable figures for 1949 were :-
1803 (Under 5) 333 (5 - 14) 2136 (total) 296 (re-inforclng

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