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East Ham 1950

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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The Council do not employ a social worker for the purpose of
the above Circular.
These duties are undertaken by the Superintendent Health
Visitor, and close co-operation is maintained with the Children's Officer.


Ophthalmia NeonatorumPemphigus NeonatorumPuerperal Pyrexia
Domiciliary ConfinementsInstitutional ConfinementsDomiciliary Confine-mentsIastitu-tional ConfinementsDomiciliary ConfinementsInstitutional Confinements
Number of cases notified during 19502----3
Number of cases removed to hospital1-----
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Number of cases of Ophthalmia Neonatorum notified during the year, in which :-

(a) vision was unimpaired2
(b) vision was impaired
(c) vision was lost
(d) the patient died
(e) the patient was still under treatment at the end of the year
(f) the patient removed from district
(g) classification under above heads cannot be made
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(a) Number of women attended in the area at home or in nursing homes whose deaths were ascribed to pregnancy or childbirth during the years:-

(1) from sepsis
attended at homeNil.
attended In nursing homesNil.
(ii) from other causes
attended at homeNil.
attended in nursing homesNil.
(b) Number of women in (a) who died :-
(1) at homeNil.
(11) In nursing homesNil.
(ill) after removal to hospitalNil.
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(c) Total maternal deaths whether attended In the area or outside the Borough :-

(i) from sepsisNil.
(11) from other causes1
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