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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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the younger child than to the older. A secondary school child
showing a marked tendency towards delinquency is a difficult case
to handle on a "once weekly" treatment basis and in many such
cases a Clinic can act only in a diagnostic and advisory capacity.
With younger children, however, not only is treatment more
effective but advice and help to parents is much more efficacious
often leading to a good adjustment before an otherwise almost
irremediable situation is created.
At the end of 1948, there were 28 cases that had not been
seen. During the year 125 new cases were referred and 35 cases
discharged. This resulted in the gradual building up of a long
waiting list and by the end of the year, the average waiting time
betweeen referral and being taken on for treatment was at least
six months. In addition to this, the rate of referral itself was
showing signs of increase. It seemed, therefore, that for 1950, the
waiting time would still be long unless there were special grounds
for giving priority.
Dr. Bevan Jones attends on two sessions weekly and in
addition the Authority has secured the part-time services of
Dr. W. H. Craike, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.M., D.C.H., who
commenced in February for two sessions weekly and since
September has attended once each week.
The appointment of Miss J. van Gorder, psychiatric social
worker, who commenced duty early in the new year, and of Mrs.
K. Barker, play therapist, who has attended for two sessions weekly
since September, complete the staff team.
1. No. of sessions attended by Dr. H. Bevan Jones
during 1949 99
2. No. of sessions attended by Dr. W. H. Craike
during 1949 65
(Of the above total (164) two sessions were allocated to
Mental Health and the remainder to Child Guidance.)
3. No. of cases under treatment on 1/1/49 55
4. No. of cases referred for treatment during 1949 125