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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Defective Vision and Squint
New cases 350
Re-examinations 939
Glasses prescribed 966
*Glasses obtained 597
Glasses not required 48
Referred to hospital 38
Eye Disease
Treated at clinic 108
Referred to hospital 11
* Information from Local Executive Committee.
The following cases Were referred to hospital for treatment:—
Squint 38
Conjunctivitis 3
Cyst 2
Foreign body 1
Other conditions for investigation 4
Diphtheria Immunisation Clinic.
Immunisation clinics are held weekly at the Town Hall Annexe
and Manor Park. Every opportunity is taken during medical
inspection at schools and in the course of School Health clinics, to
impress upon the parents the efficacy of immunisation. The need
for re-inoculation of children admitted to school for the first time is
stressed by teachers and by the use of posters, leaflets, etc.
The work of the clinics is shewn in the following summary:—
Number of clinic sessions 141
Number of children completely immunised 328
Number of children re-inoculated 296
Percentage of children of school age completely immunised 65.3
Chest Clinic.
As in previous years a considerable number of children have
been referred to the Tuberculosis and Chest Clinic for full pathological
and radiological investigation of doubtful chest conditions.
The number of tuberculosis notifications received during the year
for children of school age was:—
Pulmonary 13
Non-pulmonary 7