London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Details of samples adulterated or below standard are described as follows, together with resultant action:—


No.Informal or FormalArticleAdulteration or DeficiencyAction taken
5683FPotato CrispsFat in an acid and rancid condition.Withdrawn from sale Letter of caution.
5694IGelatineContained 4 parts per million of arsenic.No further supplies available. Letter of caution.
5707ISherbetNot an effervescing preparation.Vendor cautioned.
5806IPork SausagesContained 25% meat instead of 50%.Formal sample taken.
5819FPork Sausages31% deficient in meat.Vendor prosecuted.
5824IPork Sausages8% deficient in meatFormal sample satisfactory.
5851FMilkAdded water at least 2 parts per cent.Letter of caution.
5868IJamPresence of beetleContamination subsequent to manufacture. No action.
5910IBreadPresence of foreign body.Vendor cautioned.
5911IPie Crust and Pastry MixIncipient rancidity.Withdrawn from sale.
5913IFruit Preserving tabletsDeficient in sulphur dioxide 20%Old stock — withdrawn from sale.
5920IBeef SausagesContained sulphur dioxide to extent of 240 parts per million.Letter of caution.
5934ITinned FishContaminated by tinCondemned as unfit for human consumption.
5935FBeef SausagesContained sulphur dioxide to extent of 200 parts per million.Letter of caution.
5958IMacaroon TartPresence of rodent excreta.Vendor prosecuted (1950).
5968IPork SausageContained preservative.Vendor cautioned.
5985ISalad CreamDeficient in oil to the extent of 1.6%Vendor cautioned— withdrawn from sale.