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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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were graded by the Council's bacteriologist in accordance with the Ministry of Health's Provisional Grading as follows:—

Grade I28
Grade II24
Grade III16
Grade IV5

The fat content of the samples varied from 3 to 13 per cent,
and averaged 8 per cent.
The sample of bread was suspected to contain rodent excreta.
The custard tart was found to be contaminated with rodent
excreta, but as the source of contamination could not be traced,
legal proceedings were not instituted.
The water samples, with the exception of one taken from the
vapour plunge bath, were satisfactory.
(5) Ice-Cream.—Strict attention to the sale and manufacture
of ice-cream has been continued throughout the year. Applications
for the sale or manufacture of ice-cream numbered 39. Two of
the applications were refused and one registration cancelled.
There were 152 premises in the Borough registered for the sale
of ice-cream, exclusive of Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Theatres, etc.
22 of these are registered for the manufacture of ice-cream.

In most cases the sale of ice-cream is incidental to the main business carried on at the registered premises, which comprise the following trades:—

Tobacconists and Confectioners94
Grocery and Provisions25
Catering Establishments21
Multiple Stores5
Peripatetic Vendors3
Amusement Arcade1

Seven of the Tobacconists and Confectioners also carried on
the business of a lending library, but relinquished this side of their