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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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accepted as a contributory factor, but this was poor consolation
for the irritated and naturally irate householder.
Many activities and sources were suspect, but in the absence
of positive proof, remedial measures, often only partially
successful, were of necessity restricted to local application.
(i) Places of Public Entertainment.—Systematic inspection has
been carried out both in regard to the sanitary condition of
these premises and their use in conformity with the Council's
Regulations. A considerable amount of work in the repair
of war damage has been completed, but cleansing and
redecoration generally has by no means reached pre-war
(j) Rent and Mortgage Interest Restrictions Acts, 1920-1939—
Applications for certificates in respect of the sanitary
condition of houses were fewer than in the previous year.
There were in fact only 24 applications and certificates
granted totalled 17. It was, however, necessary to issue
7 other certificates in respect of applications made at the
end of last year.

(k) Shops Acts,1912-1936.—Particulars as to shop premises in the Borough, inspections, etc., are summarised as follows :—

Visits re Closing Hours1,213
„ „ Shops Act, 19344,240
(arrangements for Health and Comfort of Shop Workers, Records, etc.)

During the year the Shops' Register was maintained
and kept under constant revision. At the close of the
year there were 2,393 shops in the register including 297
shop premises closed. The number of shop assistants
employed in the Borough totalled 3,814, comprising 1,504
males, 1,843 females, young persons (male) 170 (female) 297.