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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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The recommendations for this form of treatment were submitted by :—


red byChildren 0—5School ChildrenAdultsTotal
General Practitioners7142647
East Ham Chest Clinic815326
School Health Service274274
M. & C.W. Section5858

The period for which free extra nourishment (see table 34) is
granted to tuberculous patients is 13 weeks and in the case of milk
this can be continued by renewal after such periods. In regard
to food this is only granted for a total period of 26 weeks, to such
patients on discharge from sanatoria. All applications where the
income is above the Council's scale are submitted, before any
grant is made, to the Chairman for approval.
In addition, no bedding or clothing is supplied without the
Chairman's approval.
Convalescent home treatment for all children is provided
free of cost. Adults or their relatives are assessed in accordance
with the Council's scale and where necessary free treatment is
provided with the Chairman's consent.
In addition, the parents of 12 children received financial aid
(£24 14s. 2d.), in providing clothing before the admission of their
children to Homes,

The cost (including fares where granted) of convalescent treatment, as provided under the Authority's scheme, for the period 1/1/49 to 31/12/49, is as follows:—

Children under five years1,94596