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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Table 21.

PREMATURE INFANTS BORN. Aldersbrook Maternity Hospital, 1949.

Weight in lbs.Died in first 24 hoursDied between 2nd & 8th dayDied between 8th & 28th daySurvived 28 daysTotal
Under 3 lbs.11
3—4 lbs358

Section 23—Midwifery Service.
Miss Newman-Pilkington, S.R.N., S.C.M., H.V. Cert., and
Midwife Teachers Cert., has been appointed Superintendent Nursing
Officer and commenced duty on 2/1/50. Her endeavours will be
extended to supervise the Domiciliary Midwifery and District
Nursing Services and to co-ordinate these services with the general
nursing, ancillary and the unified health visiting services.

Table 22. MIDWIVES ACTS, 1902—1936.

Number of midwives practising in the area at 31st December, 1949.
Domiciliary MidwivesMidwives in InstitutionsTotal
Midwives employed by the Council Midwives employed by Voluntary Organisations—66
(a) Under arrangements made with the L.H.A. in pursuance of Section 23 of the N.H.S. Act44
(b) Otherwise (including hospitals not transferred to the Minister under the N.H.S. Act)
Midwives employed by Hospital Management Committees or Boards of Governors under the N.H.S. Act66
Midwives in private practice11

NOTE.—Aldersbrook Maternity Hospital has not been included in above table
as it is not situated in the area. The 6 institutional midwives
mentioned are employed at the East Ham Memorial Hospital.