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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Ophthalmia NeonatorumPemphigus NeonatorumPuerperal Pyrexia
Domiciliary ConfinementsInstitutional ConfinementsDomiciliary ConfinementsInstitutional ConfinementsDomiciliary ConfinementsInstitutional Confinements
No. of cases notified during the year4---11
No. of cases visited by Officers of the Authority4---11*
No. of cases for whom home nursing was provided----1†-
No. of cases removed to hospital1

* After discharge from hospital. † District Nurse.
The four cases of Ophthalmia Neonatorum recovered with vision unimpaired.
The number of maternal deaths occurring during the year was
3. The causes of death were (1) from sepsis, nil; (2) from other
causes, 3. All of these deaths occurred in hospital.

Table 18.


No. of clinics provided at end of yearNo. of women in attendanceTotal No. of attendances made during the year
No. whom attended during the yearNo. of new cases included in previous column who had not previously attended any clinic during current pregnancy and for post-natal clinics women who had not previously attended any post-natal clinic after last confinement
Local Health Authority Clinics: Antc-natal clinics21,9451,4578,850
Post-natal clinics*323317876
Clinic belonging to another L.H.A.f :13031128
Post-natal clinic*558
Totals: Ante-natal clinics31,9811,4888,978
Post-natal clinics*.328322384

* Post-natal patients seen at ante-natal clinics.
† By arrangement with L.C.C. ante-natal clinic held every fortnight at L.C.C. Clinic, Fernhill
Street Baths, North Woolwich, E.16.
No ante-natal or post-natal examinations were carried out by
General Practitioners at the mother's home or the practioner's
surgery under arrangements made with the Local Health Authority.