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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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National Assistance Act, 1948—Section 47.
The above section of the National Assistance Act, 1948, deals
with the removal to suitable premises of persons in need of care and
attention. I am informed by the Chief Officer of Welfare Services
it has not been found necessary for action to be taken under this
section during the year.
East Ham Chest Clinic.
The following information has been obtained from this clinic:—
No. of attendances at: clinic 12,905
No. of visits to homes of patients by tuberculosis
nurses 6,105
No. of tuberculous persons on register on— 1 /1 /49 31 /12/49
Adults 1,014 1,000
Children 270 283
No. of persons under observation on—
Adults 79 109
Children 55 32
From table No. 11 it will be noted that the notifications
received during the year under review total—pulmonary 92 males,
72 females, a total of 164 and non-pulmonary 5 males and 11
females, a total of 16. The rate per 1000 of the population was
1.47 for all forms of tuberculosis.
The number of deaths assigned to all forms of tuberculosis for
the year (see table No. 4) was 44 and the death rate was 0.36 per
1,000 population.
B.C.G. Vaccination.
I am informed by Dr. P. Ellman, Consultant, East Ham Chest
Clinic, that it was considered inadvisable to commence vaccination
in 1949, until it was certain a regular supply was available. Now
that technical difficulties have been overcome, it is proposed to
offer vaccination to contacts of known cases of pulmonary tuberculosis.
A reference to B.C.G. vaccine was contained in my annual
report for 1947.