London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Venereal Diseases.
The following statistics have been abstracted from copies of
form V.D. (R) (1949), which have been received from the Hospitals
named and total figures for 1948 and 1947 are also shewn:—

Patients dealt with for the first time during 1949

SyphilisGonorrhoeaOther ConditionsTotal
Whitechapel Clinic, London Hospital2223118163
Queen Mary's Hospital, Stratford, E.15963045
St. Thomas' Hospital, S.E.I11
Albert Dock Hospital3710
St.Paul's Hospital, W.C.2123
Totals for 19482040145205
Totals for 194.71940170229

Aldersbrook Homes and Scattered Homes.
The statistics for the year 1949 are appended:—
1. Average number in homes throughout the year 468
2. No. chargeable to East Ham on 1/1/49 84
3. No. chargeable to East Ham on 31/12/49 110
4. Average weekly admissions 10
5. Average weekly discharges 11
The agreed policy in regard to the use of the facilities in the
Children's Homes by the county borough of West Ham and the
county council of Essex has had little effect on the general medical
services and the conduct of the homes.
For the greater part of the year, Dr. Curnock, with the
assistance of another medical officer, was able to attend to the
routine visits and emergency calls. Close co-operation with the
paediatric units of neighbouring hospitals enabled a high standard
of medical and surgical care to be given at all times to the children
under our care and the staff.
There has been a low incidence of infectious diseases and by
reason of the vigilance and industry of the charge nurses the importing
of infestation has been practically negligible.