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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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General Provision of Health Services.
Midwives Acts, 1902—1936.
The number of midwives who notified their intention to
practise in East Ham during 1949 was 32—of these 11 also indicated
that they would act as Maternity Nurses. Of the 32, 9 worked in
connection with the Maternity Hospital and District Nurses' Home,
Plaistow, and its branches—2 at Sir Henry Tate Nurses' Home,
Silvertown—13 at East Ham Memorial Hospital—and 8 practised
independently, including 6 Municipal Midwives.
Plaistow Maternity Hospital and District Nurses' Home.
Summary of cases, 1949:—
Midwifery 171 Monthly 88 Hospital 131
Silvertown & North Woolwich District Nursing Association.
Midwifery 6
Clinics and Treatment Centres.
These are all provided by the Council. The sessions at the
Centres (as on 31/12/49) were as follows:—