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East Ham 1949

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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GROUP I.—Minor Ailments (excluding Uncleanliness). (a)

Number of Defects treated or under treatment during the year
(i) X-Ray treatment
(ii) Other treatment2
Other skin diseases476
Eye Disease—external and other but excluding errors of refraction, squint and cases admitted to hospital347
Ear Defects—excluding treatment for serious diseases (operative treatment in hospital) which are recorded in the body of the Report164
Miscellaneous (minor injuries, bruises, sores, chilblains, etc.) Other conditions not classifiable under the above headings245 2,544
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(b) Total number of attendances at Authority's
minor ailment clinics 14,150
GROUP II.—Defective Vision and Squint (excluding Eye Disease
treated as Minor Ailments—Group I.)
No. of Defects
dealt with
Errors of Refraction (including squint) 1,416
Other defect or disease of the eyes (excluding those
recorded in Group I) 108
Total 1,524
Number of Pupils for whom spectacles were:
(a) Prescribed 966
(b) Obtained* 597
* Information received from the East Ham Executive Council,

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