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East Ham 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Details of samples adulterated or below standard are described as follows, together with the resultant action

Number.I or FArticleAdulteration or Deficiency.Action Taken.
3386FBeef SausagesDeficient in meat 26%.Vendor prosecuted
3417FMilk3.5% added waterVendor cautioned.
3511ILemonade PowderUndesirable quantity of acid sodium phosphate.Vendor cautioned.
3636IGelatine12 parts per million of arsenic.withdrawn from sale & surrendered by retailer.
3651 /ITable CreamContained zinc to the extent of.05%Formal sample taken.
3668IMargarinel½% excess of water.Vendor cautioned
3676IGelatine8 parts per million of arsenicWithdrawn from sale and surrendered by retailer.
3677IGelatine6 parts per million of arsenic.Withdrawn from sale and surrendered by retail.
3684FTable CreamContained zinc 0.07%No further stock no action.
3691IEgg substituteDeficient in available C.O2by 1/3.Stock withdrawn from sale and returned to manufacturers.
3742FWhisky49° under proof.Vendor prosecuted. (1944)
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