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East Ham 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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(b) Meat and Other Foods.
(1) Meat Inspection. The Sanitary Inspectors made 113 visits to the
slaughterhouse for The purpose of carrying out post mortem inspection of animals slaughtered.

The following is a statement of the work done in this connection:-

Number of animals slaughtered19138
Number of animals inspected1913-8-
All diseases except Tuberculosis Whole carcases condemned-----
Carcases of which some part or organ was condemned52----
Percentage of number inspected affected with disease other than T.B.26.1----
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Periodically visits are made to butchers' shops, market stalls and
meat vehicles.
(2) Food Premises.
The number of inspections made of food premises included 7 dairies,
31 of bakehouses and 540 of other premises.
(3) Slaughterhouses .
One slaughterhouse which had been the subject of a refusal to
grant a licence in the previous year was again the subject of two
applications, and In both instances licences were refused. One applicant
however appealed against the decision of the Council and the
Council were ordered to grant a licence subject to certain works being
carried out within a specified time. These works were not carried out
within the period specified. A further application for the renewal of
the licence w&s pending at the close of the year.
(4) Bacteriological Samples.
47 samples were submitted for bacteriological examination during
the year including 36 of milk, 2 of domestic water, 4 of swimming bath
water, 2 of tinned milk, 1 of tinned herrings, 1 of cooked ox liver and
1 of ice blancmange.
(5) Other Foods V
Inspection of other foods resulted in the condemnation for human
consumption of 4,298 tins including 342 tins of meat and meat products,
482 tins of fruit, 439 tins of vegetables, 422 tins of fish, 1915 tins
of milk and 698 tins or packages of other foods®

(c) Adulteration.

Details of the various samples obtained by the Sanitary Inspectors and the results are included in the following tabular statement:-

Number of Samples.Percentage of samples adulterated.
Examined.Found adulterated or below standard
Wines & Spirits1616.2
Other Articles12975.4
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