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East Ham 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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treatment OF tuberculosis.

1. Number of beds provided and available in Residential Institutions belonging to the Authority (wholly or jointly with other Local Authorities on 31. 12. 43.

(i)(ii) Total Number of Beds Provided.(iii) Number of beds included in (ii) temporarily not available(iv) Number of beds vacant and ready for use.
NAME OP INSTITUTIONPulmonaryNon-PulmonaryPulmonaryNon-PulmonaryPulmonaryNon-Pulmonary.
Harts Sanatorium, Woodford Green, Essex.57402---23122---------
Reason for non-availability of beds included in Col. (iii) e.g. damage by enemy action,shortage of nursing staff, evacuation, etc.Name of Institution.Reason for Non-availability.
Harts Sanatorium, Woodford Green, Essex.Infectious Diseases Hospital evacuated to the Sanatorium since September, 1939.
2. Number of Patients receiving treatment in Residential Institutions under the arrangements of the Authority for treatment of Tuberculosis, on 31. 12. 43.
TYPE OB INSTITUTION.Ex-Service Men (Memo 146/1 Rev. and Circular 2334OTHER PATIENTS.
Pulmonary.N on-Pulmonary.
A.Institutions belonging to the Authority (wholly or jointly with other Local Authorities.) (A)Tuberculosis and Public Health Hospitals8-2427----
(B)Puolic Assistance Hospitals & Institutions--1
B.Institutions belonging to other County or County Borough Councils,or Tuberculosis Joint Boards.----2---
C.Institutions belonging to Local Authorities other than A and B.--------
D. Volutary Institutions1-262347
3.Waiting List, i.e.number of Patients recommended by the Tuberculosis Officer for,and ready to enter upon residential treatment,who,on 31. 12.43 had been waiting fora bed for more than ten days.--24-2--
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