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East Ham 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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Adoptton of Children (regulation act, 1939.
1. Number of persons who gave notice under
Section 7(3) during the year 3
2. Total number of children "adopted"under
the Section during the year 3
3. Number of such children:-
(a) Under supervision at the end
of the year 3
(b) who died during the year
(c) on whom inquests were held
during the year -
4 Particulars of any proceedings during
the year Nil
NOTE: Fourteen children under five, and five over five years have
been adopted through the Education Department.
Cases are referred to the East Ham Memorial Hospital, and
Queen Mary's Hospital, Stratford, under similar arrangements to the
School Medical Service.


(SECTIONS 187 to 1S4 OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1936) Return of the Work of the Council during 1942.

Number of Homes.Number of Patients provided for.
Maternity Patients.OthersTotals
Homes first registered during the year----
Homes on the Register at the end of the year----
Homes deleted during the year----
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CIRCULAR 2831 DATED 2,7.45.
The above Circular deals with the general standard of
cleanliness and habits and infestation by head-lice.
Instructions wore given to all Health Visitors to carry out
an intensive survey of mothers and children attending the vlinics
and in their homes. Those enquiries elicited few cases of
verminous conditions and infestation by head lice was most
infrequent. Patients found to be suffering received prompt

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