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East Ham 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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B.2.(b) (Contd)
Number of above Cases on the Registers of Occupation and Industrial Centres:-171229151328
Cases notified by Local Education Authorities (Sec.2 (2)) during the year 1943:-
Method of Disposals:-
Sent to Institutions (by Order )4-4314
Placed under Guardianship--mm--
Placed under Statutory2359110
Placed in "Places of Safety"-*mmm-mm
Died or removed from area.---224
Action not yet taken:
(a) In receipt of poor relief-----
(b) Others11246
731016824 "
Of the total number of M.D's known to Local Authority:-
(a) Number who have given birth to children:-1943.1942.
(1) After marriage•02
(2) While unmarriedmm2
Males.Female s-.Males. Females.
(b) Number who have marrieds:--11-
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As in previous years, the Authority and Public Health Department
are indebted to the local branch of this Association for their invaluable
service rendered to the invalid children of the Borough.
The types of new cases dealt with in 1943 were as follows:-
Tuberculosis 10
Anaemia and Debility 13
Rheumatism, Heart and Chorea 8
Lung conditions (non-tuberculous) 39
Marasmus and Malnutrition. 8
Various 38

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