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East Ham 1943

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for East Ham]

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BLIND PERSONS ACTS, 1920 - 1958.

The following figures are abstracted from the statistical record of the registration of blind Persons, as at 31.5.44:-

Males.Females.Total 1942.Total 1945.
Number on Register108122255250
Toatal employed2282750
Undergoing training5245
Trained but unemployed-151
No training, but trainable5-55
Children (0 to 16 years)2254
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The number of cases dealt with for the first time during the
year 1943 was 23, and they were dealt with as Under:-
7 placed in Institutions (under Order)& lin an approved home.
13 " under Statutory Supervision.
1 “ " Friendly Care.
1 dealt with under Mental Treatment Act, 1930.
Provision of Institutional Accommodation.
The difficulty experienced in obtaining Institutional accommodation
has been relieved by the completion of South Ockendon Colony,
but groat difficulty is being experienced in the placing of low grade
There are 39 cases under Guardianship of whom six have evacuated
to other areas. One male was transferred under a Varying Order from
Guardianship to Institutional Care. One female died during the year.
There are 134 mental defectives under Supervision in their own
homes in East Ham, plus 18 who are still evacuated to other areas. All
the cases are visited at varying intervals, and reports filed,
helpful advice being given with regard to their management, training,
etc. It is very rare that the parents show any resentment at, or
opposition to, these visits. A fair percentage of the cases are
absorbed into unskilled employment.
Occupation Centre.
The whole day sessions at the Occupation Centre, with the provision
of a hot midday meal, are being satisfactorily continued. There
has been an average daily attendance of 22 of varying ages and of both
sexes. Handwork of all types forms the main part of the curriculum,
and all articles made are definite orders for sale. In many instances
work Is taken home to complete. More orders are received than can be
accepted owing to the present difficulty of obtaining the necessary
materials. A certain amount of physical training is given daily,
together with a small amount of domestic training Incurred in connection
with the preparation and clearance of tables before and after the
midday meal. in suitable weather, outdoor games, and also simple
gardening instruction form part of a day's occupation.
Licence. Discharge and After-Care.
Out of 12 defectives (5 males" and 7 females) granted licence during
the year, 11 are at work, and doing fairly well, and one was discharged
from the operation of the M.D. Acts.
Occasional visits are paid to all cases discharged from the operation
of the M.D. Acts and still within this area. All removals are
notified to the respective areas.

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