London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1903

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham]

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Maddin Road, Relinque Road, Stanton Road and Stanton Square.
The defects in the houses in these roads are chiefly due to the
habits of the tenants. Chaplin Street, Bird-in-Hand Cottages,
Springfield and Wells Road are of a similar nature."
Houses in Which More than One Family Reside.—
"After examining all the streets occupied by the labouring
classes it would appear that the following streets are those in
which two families may be found occupying one house :—
"Sydenham and Forest Hill.—Mount Ash Road, David's
Road, Clyde Terrace, Bradford Road, Coombe Road, Rowland
Grove, Dallas Road, Plane Street, Oaksford Avenue, Fransfield
Grove, Dalmain Road, Herschell Road, Rutland Road, Bell
Green, Helvetia Street, Southend Lane, Kangley Bridge Road,
Hazeltine Road, Porthcawe Road, Relinque Road, Maddin Road,
Fairlawn Park, Watlington Grove, Kent House Road, Kirtley
Road, Champion Park, Elderton Road, Acacia Road, Myrtle
Grove, Dillwyn Road, Miall Road.
"Lewisham.—Ladywell Park, Ladywell Park Terrace,
The Retreat, Ennersdale Road, Glenview Road, Knowles Hill
Crescent, Beacon Road, Ardmere Road, Fernbrook Road, Brightside
Road, Elthruda Road, Sangley Road, Engleheart Road,
Bowness Road, Laleham Road, Sandhurst Road, Woodlands
Street, Benin Street, Blashford Street, Houley Road, Cudham
Road, Farley Road, Davenport Road, Morena Street, Scrooby
Street, Blagdon Street, Willow Walk, Holbeach Road, Brookdale
Road, Silvermere Road, Nelgarde Road, Doggett Road, Wildfell
Road, Lower Winchester Road, Faversham Road, Rathfern
Road, Pattenden Road, Creeland Grove, Paragon Road,
South Vale, Collins Street, Eliot Cottages, Blackheath Vale,
Drysdale Road, Sparta Street, Lethbridge Road, Essex Place,
Elverston Road, Connington Road, Leathwell Road, Merton
Place, Camden Row, St. German's Villas, Claremont Terrace,