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Harrow 1947

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Harrow]

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1. For Infectious Cases.
The same arrangements continued by which patients suffering
from scarlet fever were admitted to the South Harrow Isolation Hospital,
but those suffering from other infections who needed hospital treatment
were admitted to the isolation hospitals of other authorities. There
was no difficulty for the most of the year in arranging the admission of
patients to these hospitals.
Once more the accommodation at the South Harrow hospital was
sufficient to enable all the scarlet fever patients requiring hospital
treatment to be accepted there, so that it was not necessary to open
the Stanmore Isolation Hospital for this purpose. The sanction of the
Minister of Health has since the end of the year been received for the
conversion of this hospital into a residential nursery.
The South Harrow Hospital has been taken over by the Regional
Hospital Board, but it will not continue to be used for the reception of
infectious cases. Most of those from this area then needing to be
admitted to an isolation hospital will be accepted at the Hendon
2. Tuberculosis.
There have been no marked changes in the arrangements made
by the County Council for the institutional treatment of those suffering
from pulmonary or from non-pulmonary tuberculosis. The responsibility
for providing this accommodation for those in this area needing it after
July 5th is that of the Regional Hospital Board.
3. General Hospitals.
There have during the year been no changes in the general hospital
accommodation for the district.
A number of new nursing homes have been registered during the
year and there have been changes in the registration of many of those
in being.

The following is a summary of the various homes, their ownership and their accommodation at the end of the year :—

BedsType of Case
Bermuda House, Mount Park, Har-rowMrs. A. M. Elphick Mr. A. E. Elphick6Maternity and chronic.
Beverley Maternity Home, 170, Whitchurch Lane, Edg-wareMiss C. Dear3Maternity.