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Kensington 1879

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]


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    The subjoined table shows the relation of our local death rate, in seven years, to the Metropolitan rate, and to the rate in the several great divisions of the Metropolis, as mapped out by the Registrar-General in his annual summary :—
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    The subjoined table shows the relative areas of the component parishes, and other particulars relating to the census-year, 1871 :—
    Area is statute acres.Inhabited houses 1871.Populations 1871.
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    wards and some other particulars also relating to the census-year 1871:—
    Name of Ward. Holy Trinity, BromptonArea in statute acres 439Inhabited houses 1871. 3,224Population 1871. 22,128Rateable annual value of property 1871. £246,716
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    The subjoined table, shows the growth of population and rateable value of property since the beginning of the century :—
    The Year.Population.Rateable value of Property.The Year.
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    Ihe subjoined table sets out necessary particulars of the mortality from the principal zymotic diseases in 1879, together with the decennial average, &c.:—
    Diseases.Sub-districts. Town. Brompton.In Hospital. Totals.Totals in 1878.Decennial (uncorrected) average.Decennial (corrected) average.
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    are shown in the subjoined table compiled from my Monthly Eeports:—
    Date of the Monthly Report.No. of Cases Reported.No.of Cases under 15 years of ageDitto over 15.No. of Cases.Sent to Hospital.Treated at Home.
    North 0 UxbridgeSouth f Road.
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    All Ages.Under 55 to 1515 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 to 7575 to 8585 to 9595 and upwds.
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    The subjoined table shows the quarterly numbers of births registered, of each sex, and in the sub-districts:—
    Kensington Town Sub-District.Brompton Sub-District.Grand Total.
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    The subjoined table shows the quarterly numbers of deaths of the sexes in the sub.districts:—
    Kensington Town Sub.district.Bkompton Sub.district.Grand Total.
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    The subjoined table shows the death.rate in 13 periods, corresponding with my monthly reports; and the mean temperature of the air:—
    DATE OF REPORT.Death.rate per 1,000 living.Decennial average.Mean temperature of the air.Decennial average.Above or below average.
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    deaths of non-parishioners at the Brompton Consumption Hospital) were as follows :—
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    The causes of death may be grouped as follows :—
    Under one year.Between one year and sixty.Sixty and upwards.Total,
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    The following table shows the amount of organic matter in the water of the Companies which supply Kensington, the Kent Company's water being taken as the standard of purity for comparison:—
    Nane of Company.Maximum.Minimum.Average.
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    The transparency or otherwise of water is ascertained by its appearance in a tube two feet in length, and is expressed in arbitrary terms settled by common agreement, as in the following table, which shows the degree of efficiency of filtration of Thames water as supplied by the Companies in this parish, the examinations being made monthly:—
    Company.When clear and transparent.Number of When slightly turbid.occasions. When turbid.When very turbid.
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    The annexed table shews the results of such microscopic examinations during the past eleven years:—
    Name of Company.Number of occasions when living organisms were found.
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    The subjoined table shows the annual averages of each determination, and thus summarizes the average results of the analysis of the waters supplied by the local Companies during the year ; the Kent Company's water being taken as a standard for comparison. The numbers in this table relate to 100,000 parts of the waters:—
    Name of Company.Temperature in Centigrade Degrees.Total Solid Impurity.Organic Carbon.Organic Nitrogen.Ammonia.Nitrogen as Nitrates and Nitrites.Total combined Nitrogen.Chlorine.Total Hardness.Proportional amount of organic elements, that in the Kent Company's Water during the 9 years ending 1876 being taken as 1*.
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    1. With respect to the illuminating power. The maximum,minimum, and average illuminating power in standard sperm candles was as follows:—(Statutory standard, "sixteen candles.")
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    Table 2. As regards impurity. Grains of sulphur per 100 cubic feet of gas. (Permitted maximum, 20 grains in summer, 25 in winter).
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    TABLE I. Estimated population of Kensington at the middle of the year 1879 and in 10 previous years; number of inhabited houses; Births' Deaths, and Marriages (gross numbers).
    Year.Estimated Population.*Number of Inhabited Houses.Registered Births.Deaths†Marriages.
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    TABLE II. Showing Birth and Death Rate; Deaths of Children ; and Deaths in Public Institutions in 1879, and 10 previous years.
    The Year.Births per 1000 of the population.Death Rate per 1000 living.Deaths of Children under 1 year per cent. to Total Deaths.Deaths of Children under 1 year per cent. to Registered Births.Deaths of Children under 5 years per cent. to Total Deaths.Deaths at Public Institutions
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    TABLE III. Deaths registered from all causes during the year 1879. (Exclusive of the Deaths of non-parishioners at the Brompton Consumption Hospital. Vide Report, page 60).
    CAUSES OF DEATH.AGES.Total deaths under Five.Grand Totalsub-districts.
    Under 1.1 to 2.2 to 5.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 35.35 to 45.45 to 55.55 to 65.65 to 75.75 to 85.85 to 95.95 and upwards.Kensington Town.Brompton.
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    TABLE IV. Showing Total Deaths from certain groups of Diseases and rate of mortality therefrom, &c.
    Diseases.Total Deaths.Deaths per 1,000 of Population.Proportion of Deaths to 1,000 Deaths.
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    TABLE V. Showing the number of Deaths in ten years, 1869—78, from the principal Zymotic Diseases, and the number in 1879, &c.
    Diseases.1869187018711872187318741875187618771878Annual Average 10 years 1869-78.Proportion of deaths to 1000 Deaths in 10 years, 1869-78.1879Proportion of Deaths to 1000 Deaths, 1879.
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    TABLE VI. Inspectors' Report of the Sanitary Work completed in the year ended March 25th, 1880.
    * Sanitary districts.No. of Complaints received during the year.No. of Houses, Premises, &c., inspected (irrespective of re-inspections)Results of Inspection.House Drains.Privies and W.C.'s.Dust Bins.Water Supply.Miscellaneous.
    Orders issued for Sanitary Amendments of Houses and Premises.Houses, Premises, &c., Cleansed, Repaired, Whitewashed, &c.Houses Disinfected after illness of an infectious character.Repaired, Cleansed, Trapped, &c.Ventilated.Repaired, Covered, &c.Supplied with Water.New provided.New provided.Repaired, Covered, &c.Cisterns (new) erected.Cisterns Cleansed, Repaired and Covered.Waste-Pipes connected with Drains, &c., abolished.† No. of Lodging Houses registered under 35th Section of "The Sanitary Act, 1866."§ Dust Removal.—No. of Communications received and attended to.Removal of accumulations of Dung, Stagnant Water, Animal and other Refuse.Animals Removed being improperly kept.Regularly Inspected.‡ Other Proceedings, e.g. Legal Proceedings.
    Bakehouses.Licensed Cowsheds.Licensed Slaughter-houses.
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    TABLE VIa. Summary of Monthly Returns of Work, &c., done by the Sanitary Inspectors.
    Date of Report.Houses Inspected.Mewses Inspected.Slaughter Houses Inspected.Cowsheds Inspected.Bakehouses Inspected.Offensive Trades Inspected.Sanitary Notices Issued.Removal of Dust, Ashes, &c., Letters of Request received and attended to.Date of Report.
    N. E.N.W.c.S.N. E.N.W.c.S.N. E.n.W.C.s.N. E.N.W.C.S.N. E.N.W.C.S.N. E.N.W.C.sN. E.N.W.C.S.N. E.N.W.C.S.
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    TABLE VII. Showing the Death-rate per 1,000 persons living; the annual rate of Mortality per 1,000 living from the "seven" principal Zymotic Diseases; and the proportion of Deaths from these Diseases to total Deaths in Kensington and all London in 1879, and in ten years, 1869-78
    The Year.Deaths per 1000 living.Total Deaths from seven Zymotic diseases, Kensington.Annual rate of Mortality per 1000 living from seven Zymotic Diseases.Proportion of Deaths to 1000 Deaths from seven Zymotic diseases.The Year.
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    TABLE VIII. Comparative Analysis of the Mortality in all London and in Kensington, in 1879. (The Registration Year comprised 53 weeks, and terminated January 3rd, 1880).
    LOCALITY.Annual Death Rate per 1000 living from all causes.Annual Death Rate per 1,000 living from 7 principal Zymotic diseases.Percentage of Deaths under 1 year to Births Registered.Percentage of Deaths to Total Deaths.
    Under 1 year of age.At 60 years of age and upwards.From Zymotic diseases.From Violence.Registered upon information of the Coroner. (Inquests.)Registered at large Public Institutions.
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    TABLE IX. Showing the Localities in which fatal cases of the seven Principal Zymotic Diseases occurred in 1879.
    Small Pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping Cough.Fever.Diarrhoea.Small Pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping Cough.Fever.Diarrhoea.Total.Small Pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping Cough.Fever.Diarrhoea.Total.
    Typhus.Enteric.Sim. ConTyphus.Enteric.Sim. Con.Typhus.Enteric.Sim. Con.
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    TABLE X. PARISH OF ST. MARY ABBOTTS, KENSINGTON. Return respecting the Vaccination of Children whose Births were Registered during the year 1879.
    date.Registration Sub-Districts comprised in Vaccination Officer's District.Nnmber of Births returned in Birth List Sheets.Number of these Births duly entered in Columns 10, 11, and 13 of the Vaccination Register (Birth List Sheets) viz.:Number of these Births which are not entered in the Vaccination Register, on account (as shown by Report Book) of
    Column 10 Successfully vaccinated.Column 11.Column 13. Dead. Un-vaccinated.Postponement by Medical Certificate.Removal to Districts, the Vaccination Officer of which has been duly apprized.Removal to places unknown, or which cannot be reached, and cases not having been found.Cases still under proceedings by summons and otherwise.
    Insusceptible of Successful Vaccination.Had Small-pox.
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