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Clerkenwell 1865

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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average of births for the last ten years is 2271; so that the
number for 1865 is above the annual average.
The number of deaths from Zymotic* diseases in 1865, was
381; that for the preceding eight years having been respectively
348, 327, 329, 266, 381, 422, 411, and 435; the average being 364.
Hence the Zymotic deaths were above the average, but fewer than
those of the preceding three years.
The number of deaths occurring from the principal Zymotic
diseases was 316, that for the preceding year being 378; thus
there is a diminution of 162 in the number of deaths from these

The exact causes, and the numbers of these deaths, is exhibited in

the subjoined table.

Small Pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Hooping Cough.Diarrhoea.Typhus. (In Fever HospitalTotals.Deaths from all causes.
185765142846547 + 92951406
1861022951077244 + 173401494
1862176133534270 + 93751572
18632644146665242 + 83761509
186477394718746 + 93781735
1865122757888448 + 53161613
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*This term, which was first proposed by Dr. Farr, of the Registrar General's
Office, is now generally employed to signify Infectious, Epidemic, and Endemic

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